Living Distinctively Holy Lives in an Increasingly Unholy World

This livestream is now over, but you can watch all of the session replays from September 8th through October 5th.

All sessions are on this page in consecutive order and the next session will automatically play after the end of the current session you're watching.

Note: To skip to another session, click on the button that is below the video.

About Event:

Christ-followers are called to live courageously counter-cultural lives. Together, we will learn how to live in holiness, not wickedness; truth, not deception; love, not hate; faith, not fear; and joy, not misery. Leave emboldened to live out your faith and “hold firmly to the word of life” (Philippians 2:16, NIV) in an increasingly unholy world.

Before you purchase your ticket, please read the following tips and instructions:
  • Bookmark this page and come here just before the event begins to login and watch the live stream.
  • Keep the email receipt you receive after purchase. If it does not appear in your inbox, check your spam folder. The email contains a link back to this page where the live stream will take place.
*On demand video will be available for 25 days(September 10-October 1). There is an additional fee of $2.40 if tickets are purchased via PayPal. The Q&A portion of the sessions will not be shown on the live stream or on demand. For private, individual viewing only.

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More about the event:
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